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Route Optimization that's Easy to Use

Our route optimization algorithm makes it easy to produce the most optimal route for your collection points. The system can work in an automated and manual service depending on your business requirements. Automated service could be used when you have many ad-hoc collections automatically coming from the website or IVR and you need to optimize the route before drivers start to work at 05:00 in the morning for example. Whether in automated or manual, the route optimizer takes start and finish location, collection points, road types, time of day, and vehicle capacity into account when formulating the new optimized route.

Optimization of a route can take anywhere between 10 mins to 5 hours to complete. These processes run in the background so you do not need to leave the WIS admin open. Once complete routes can be saved directly as the new route for a driver or additional edits to the optimized route can be done to tweak it further. Once saved the new optimized route is ready to be synced down to the onboard PC system in the vehicle so they can navigate their way around the new route.

Benefits from Route Optimization

Collect the same with less vehicles, staff and fuel costs. On average our Route Optimization will save your business 20% and possibly more when implemented correctly.

  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • Minimize the number of vehicles and routes driven
  • Save up to 20% or more on field operating costs
  • Maximizing stops and lifts per hour
  • Balancing workloads across the week
  • Reduction in total work hours, labor, and overtime costs
  • Reduction in total KMs / Mileage driven
  • Decrease fleet maintenance, fuel consumption costs, and emissions
  • Provide better overall service to customers - less missed bins

Key Functionalities of WIS Optimization

The WIS Office is the perfect waste management software solution for all types of refuse collection companies as it has many modules that fit all business purposes.

  • Start, Stop and Tip Locations
  • Fleet Capacity & Limitations
  • Bin & Waste Type Limitations
  • Handling up to 2000 customers per Route
  • Editable Customer GPS Locations (collect points)
  • Complex Task & Waste Type Scheduling
  • Enclose Routes with Map Polygons
  • Manual & Auto Optimization
  • Save History of Track & Optimized Routes
  • Route Review vs Track & Simulation
  • Interconnection via API
  • KPI Reporting & Analysis


  • OSM (open street maps) with a 3d rendered Google Map overlay
  • Any country mapping with road editing possibilities
  • Add locations overlay (Tip locations, Transfer Stations, etc)
  • Map matching of poor GPS tracking
  • Bing and Google Map Geocoding
  • Online and Offline Mapping (with auto weekly update checking)


Let us show you what the route optimization can do for your business. Contact our sales team to arrange a demonstration.