Vehicle Routing with the Driver X3

Vehicle Routing for Garbage Collectors : The incab terminal designed specifically for garbage collectors - advaning operational efficiency throughout the entire fleet.

If you are having issues with your collections routes then you need to get our onboard PC "Driver X3" - all routes are saved in the cloud, enabling any driver to drive any complex route at any time.

Turn by Turn Navigation

Enabling any driver to drive any route - no matter how complex it is. View the 1 hour complex route in the video on the right.

Our Driver X3 in cab device provides detailed turn by turn navigation, bin locations displayed as coloured icons (tied to customers account balance), auto re-routes if the driver drives off route, only shows the driver what is left to drive - and many more features.


Presenting the customers’ collection location as bin icons on the map makes it super easy for the driver to know where to stop. These icons can be dots in high density areas.

Office staff can leave customer specific tickets with actionable requests on each bin - the driver can perform the task which in turn updates the office staff.

Truck Tracking & Fleet Management

Our system comes with in-built tracking abilities and fleet management services so as soon as vehicles are switched on you can track them and their activity via the WIS control panel.

Unlike other GPS tracking providers, the WIS control panel filters and cleans all GPS data via our Map Matching algorithm so the track driven is tied to the correct road.

Route Editing & Optimization

Easy to use route editing tools enables customers to add and remove collection points, driving directions as well as adding of new roads, buildings, etc (perfect for new housing developments) to our mapping system.

Within WIS routing (waste management software),optimization of routes can be manually or automatically run to provide the most efficient way to drive collection routes.

Daily Vehicle Inspections Reports

The Driver X3 can be setup to load vehicle inspections as compulsory for all driver or upon driver request, these are automatically added into the daily vehicle inspections system in the WIS control panel. Alerts can be preconfigured to all mechanics or fleet managers based on report triggers.

Inside every Driver X3 there are also a document zone, which holds all the legal paperwork of the vehicle, so if pulled over the driver has everything at hand.

Why buy the Driver X3 instead of a tablet solution?

1. Powering - The Driver X3 comes on with the ignition, tablets have to be charged and then turned on manually - leading to errors from drivers.

2. Required input from driver - The Driver X3 requires little to no input from drivers, tablets on the other hand require the drivers to set them up each day.

3. Bad operations from drivers - Everything on the Driver X3 is locked down so drivers can not do anything bad, tablets however - drivers can turn off driver, GPS, Internet, steal the SIM card. etc and say that it was not working.

4. Hardware - We manufacture the Driver X3 so we know it works for your business purpose and we fully support it, tablets come in all shapes and sizes and not all are designed for your purpose.

5. Stolen / Damaged - Driver X3 is very difficult to steal or damage. Tablets are easy to steal and let fall.

Main reasons why garbage collectors buy the Driver X3

  1. New and existing drivers don't understand all routes or new route edits and very cumbersome to educate all - the Driver X3's main feature is its concise turn by turn navigation for long complex routes, enabling any driver to drive any route perfectly.
  2. Customer complaints about missed collections - the Driver X3 geo-fences every customer’s location so it's super clear at all times to the driver if they have missed a customer's property.
  3. Complaints that truck is blocking traffic due to a new driver on route - the Driver X3 notifies the driver of complex u-turns ahead so they can plan reversing maneuvers well in advance.
  4. Office staff issuing paper based customer notes and vehicle report sheets - the WIS control panel and Driver X3 work hand in hand together so customers notes and tasks are displayed in graphical format and once completed by the driver are presented in the WIS system.
  5.  Large office workload to prepare routing schedules - with the Driver X3 and WIS all route scheduling is automated and requires small amounts of effort to maintain.
  6. Office requires more integrated knowledge about the vehicle and staffing of the vehicle - the Driver X3 and WIS does all the basics seamlessly so office staff can view GPS tracking, bins on route, office messaging, tickets, staff time keeping, vehicle reports and vehicle document control in realtime.


Software that drives your bottom line

To date more than 85% of our route guidance customers have seen a 4 times return on their monthly fee

If you dont see a benefit from using our software after 120 days we'll give you your money back

Features of the Driver X3

Screenshots of the Driver X3

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