We're Routing For You!

Our Route Navigation System allows any driver to drive any route, reducing staff reliance, reducing missed collections and increasing efficiency

Turn by Turn Route Navigation

Turn by turn directions, bin locations, auto re-routes if he drives off route and only shows what is left to drive.

Routes Saved Securely in the Cloud

Easily manage and view your routes in our cloud platform. Where you can easily assess your routes and data anywhere anytime, all the while knowing your data is safe and secure.

Build Better Routes

Improve driver productivity by comparing your routes to our computer generated routes and easily see inefficiencies and wasted journeys

Customer and Driver Notes

Easily set one off and recurring customer notes that appear over the customers bin as an actionable job. Also send messages to the driver and he can send messages to the office

Truck Tracking & Fleet Management

Our system comes with in-built tracking abilities and fleet management services so as soon as vehicles are switched on you can track them and their activity via the WIS control panel.

Within 15 minutes we will show you how our platform can best fit your business objectives.

You're in Good Company

With over 400 trucks using our Truck Navigation system, we have every eventuality covered
Case Study: Recycle Right used Truck Navigation to manage their ever expanding customer base
Case Study: Greyhound used Truck Navigation to train new drivers and reduce paperwork with customer bin notes
Case Study: Get Rid of It America used Truck Navigation to record and save their routes for when a driver is sick or on holidays anyone can easily replace them

Other Features

Tech That Cuts Out Waste

Our purpose built in cab device, removes all the problems with tablets and other in cab computers

Turns on and off from the ignition
Automatically logs into the correct route
Internal 24v power inverter - installed in 15 minutes
Increased GPS computing power for more accurate tracking
Locked down so drivers cant "play" with the device
Hardwired to the truck so acts as an asset tracker

Within 15 minutes we will show you how our platform can best fit your business objectives.