UHF RFID Solution

The only all in one RFID solution for the garbage collection industry.


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UHF RFID all in one solution

The industrial ultra high frequency RFID reader "all in one kit" has a read range between 20cm and 5 meters. Working over a frequency range between 860-960MHz and connects via RS485 and bluetooth. The UFH kit has the read and antenna in one IP68 housing case, making it an ideal solution for waste management companies who wish to monitor presentation rates of customers bins on a route.

Ultra High Frequency RFID Kit - 860-960MHz

Super easy to mount on a vehicle and can connect via RS485 or Bluetooth. Read range is depending on how its mounted as UHF is affected by metal (we will provide install recommendations).

All in one UHF Reader System

Unlike other RFID readers that boast many features, ours just scans RFID tags.
UHF Reader System Front

UHF Front Case

All UHF frequencies - 860-960MHz

We do not complicate a simple task like RFID bin chip reading.
UHF Back

UHF Front Case


UHF RFID Solutions

Our RFID solutions are the most cost efficient vehicle RFID reader in the world.

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