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See how WIS can help you reduce missed collections

WIS can help you to reduce missed collections with alerts, notifications, reliable verification and customer updates.

A new driver does not know where to go or what to collect

WIS WasteNav will guide your drivers to the precise collection point of every collection with nor prior route knowledge necessary.

New customers not being added to route and drivers not updated


WIS WasteNav will guide your drivers to the precise collection point of every collection with no prior route knowledge necessary.

Repeating the same mistakes or missing collections repeatedly”


If you missed a collection on a service route, the WIS system will flag this for the next colletcion round.
On the next route service, the previously missed collection will be highlighted to the driver and uniquely color coded.

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A customer has a once off or unique request that was missed


A unique customer request is most frequently missed because the information was not relayed from admin staff to operations. The WIS platform allows admin to seemlessly record and push such requests to driver and route scheduling.

The trash collection location is different to the customer address


The WIS system knows that the customer address is not always the same as the collection point.
Our solution allows you to tag the exact collection point and this is what the driver will be shown.

In Focus Case Study

The City of Longview (TX)

WIS started working with The City of Longview in 2018. They use a number of hardware and software solutions from WIS which include both:

The City of Longview (TX)

“In its first year of service, the WIS platform helped to reduce missed carts by 85%”

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