Reduce Call
Centre Costs  

Automate 55% of your payment calls with WIS

Reduce Call Centre Costs

80% of payment calls do not require staff interaction
Our automated phone system is proven to reduce you call centre costs by reducing staff numbers required to manage calls whilst increasing call volume capacity. It will also reduce wait times and call durations for customers

When a call is received, the WIS system instantly recognizes stored numbers!


It only takes our system miliseconds to check the caller's number to confirm if it is a known customer!
Recognized customers are then automatically presented with their balance and can then enter the payment amount.

Stored cards are automatically retirved for seemless customer payments!


If card details are saved (of which 75% typically are) their card is immediately retirved for a seemless payment. WIS will simply ask the customer if they would like to pay with card ending '1234'. When the customer accepts, they are automatically sent an email to confirm payment.

It cuts customer call times by over 50%


With our automated system, the average caller time is 33 seconds. The call duration with an agent starts at 1 minute 14 seconds and increases according to typical call delays.

ZERO caller wait times


Caller answer wait-times or call queues are completely removed! The WIS system can handle 1000's of payments calls at the same time. Plus it never closes, the system is always-on, giving you a 24/7/365 phone payment solution.

A system that delivers on performance!


8 out of 10 calls that start the process will complete payment to finish and do not speak to an agent again for 30 days.

Reduce call Centre Costs

But Dont just take our word....

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