WIS Launch the all new Driver X4

WIS Launch the all new Driver X4 -min

The all new Driver X4 is launching this March and will brings many new features to waste collection operators. WIS are known for delivering technologies specifically developed and customised for the waste industry. The new Driver X4 is the latest in their line of on board computers and will deliver better connectivity, larger screens, improved displays and many many more features. 

Patrick Kinsella, CEO at WIS, explains what this new device will bring to waste collection companies. 

“The goal for the Driver X4 was to bring as much automation as possible into the device and make the job of servicing a route faster and easier. There are may repetitive tasks that drivers traditionally have to do to successfully complete a route. At WIS we look at how technology can automate as many of these tasks as possible in order for us to provide systems that significantly reduces pressure on drivers whilst increasing operational efficiencies.’

For more information, please email info@wiswm.com

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