WIS Expand With Purchase Of Precia Molen Ireland Ltd. Bin Weighing Business Division

WIS (Waste Innovation Systems), industry leaders in hardware and software solutions for the waste management and recycling industry are pleased to announce the acquisition of the bin weighing division of Precia Molen Ireland Ltd. Precia Molen Ireland Ltd. are specialists in weighing solutions technologies, mainly hardware, and are one of the largest companies delivering to the Irish market. Over many years of delivery to the Irish market, they have developed a fantastic reputation for delivering weighing systems that operate reliably and, for legal for trade applications, in compliance with legal metrology requirements.

This acquisition will establish WIS as one of the country’s largest providers for bin weighing equipment. In the short-term, WIS plan to retain the equipment in service provided by Precia Molen Ireland Ltd., until it is changed to WIS weighing hardware.

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