WIS announce partnership with Stripe

WIS (Waste Innovation Systems), leaders in waste management technologies are delighted to announce its partnership with Stripe, which is great news for their global clients. Stripe are global leaders, providing crucial infrastructure for the internet economy. The company processes hundreds of billions of euros annually for household names such as Amazon, Booking.com and Deliveroo.

This partnership will allow WIS to further streamline payment processes particularly following the introduction of 3DSecure2 (“3DS2”), the multi-factor authentication protocol used to confirm digital identity when making payments online. WIS has seen a stark contrast in performance for companies using this new solution and those who do not since the mandatory enforcement by the payments industry of 3DS2. In fact there has been an 18% increase in online payment failures for WIS clients who have not onboarded their Stripe payment processing software. These failure rates place further pressures on businesses experiencing them and lead to customer dissatisfaction. When looking for solutions to this issue, WIS began exploratory discussions with Stripe to determine how it could be addressed. It was clear to WIS that the technologies offered by Stipe, coupled with their dedication to constantly update and improve with new features, was the key. WIS moved to develop an agreement that would bring all its clients under one umbrella through this exciting new WIS/Stripe partnership. This solution is now available to all clients of WIS.

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