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Turn by Turn Navigation

Turn by turn directions showing all bin locations and operational notes. The navigator auto re-routes if the driver goes off route and only shows what is left to drive.

Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management.

Our system comes with in-built tracking abilities and fleet management services so as soon as vehicles are switched on you can track them and their activity via the WIS control panel.

Customer & Driver Notes

Easily set one off and recurring customer notes that appear over the customers bin as an actionable job. Also send messages to the driver and from driver to office.

Any Driver. Any Route

WIS NAVIGATOR solutions will allow any driver to drive any route. This takes the pressure off over dependence on individual driver route knowledge, reduce missed collections and dramatically improve fleet efficiencies.

Better Accuracy. Better Routes

Improve driver performance by comparing your routes to our computer generated routes and easily see inefficiencies and wasted journeys.

Secure Route Cloud Storage

Manage and view your routes in our cloud platform. Where you can easily assess your routes and data anywhere anytime, all the while knowing your data is safe and secure.

WIS Software & Hardware Solutions 2021

WIS Navigator Optimizer

Customize. Optimize. Revolutionize.

WIS Navigator Optimizer delivers the most optimal route for your collection points. The system can work in an automated and manual mode depending on your business requirements.  Whether in automated or manual, the route optimizer takes start and finish location, collection points, road types, time of day, and vehicle capacity into account when formulating your new optimized route.


Collect the same with less vehicles, staff and fuel costs. On average our Route Optimization will save your business 20% and possibly more when implemented correctly.

  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • Minimize the number of vehicles and routes driven
  • Save up to 20% or more on field operating costs
  • Maximizing stops and lifts per hour
  • Balancing workloads across the week
  • Reduction in total work hours, labor, and overtime costs
  • Reduction in total KMs / Mileage driven
  • Decrease fleet maintenance, fuel consumption costs, and emissions
  • Provide better overall service to customers – less missed bins

kEY functionality

The WIS Office is the perfect waste management software solution for all types of refuse collection companies as it has many modules that fit all business purposes. 
  • Start, Stop and Tip Locations
  • Fleet Capacity & Limitations
  • Bin & Waste Type Limitations
  • Handling up to 2000 customers per Route
  • Editable Customer GPS Locations (collect points)
  • Complex Task & Waste Type Scheduling
  • Enclose Routes with Map Polygons
  • Manual & Auto Optimization
  • Save History of Track & Optimized Routes
  • Route Review vs Track & Simulation
  • Interconnection via API
  • KPI Reporting & Analysis
WIS Driver X4
"We use WIS Navigator hardware and software across all aspects of our business. In our business, success and failure can often be determined by the efficient management of your routes. WIS Navigator is what keeps this side of our business on track."
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