Mobile RFID Reader

The only all in one RFID solution for the garbage collection industry.



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Mobile LF & UHF Bluetooth RFID Reader

The mobile RFID reader can be connected to any Android phone via Bluetooth and can read all types of RFID chips. The hardware device works perfectly with the WIS Bin Scanner and Bin Manager App and is manufactured by WISWM as many others on the industry do not have what it takes to work 12 -14 hours on a full charge.

Robust Mobile RFID Reader

The mobile RFID reader is packaged inside a hard IP66 case and beeps when an RFID chip is scanned. Charging of the device takes approx 1 hour and has a battery working life of 14 hours

There are 3 versions of this mobile RFID reader hardware, 125, 134 and a UHF model.
Mobile RFID Solution

Mobile RFID Board front

Mobile RFID Board Front

Mobile RFID Board back

Mobile RFID Board Back


Mobile RFID Solutions

Our mobile RFID readers are suited to all types of businesses where quick on the fly scanning is required.

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