Bin Fill Level Monitoring

The leading wireless bin fill level sensors that manage waste container fill level and collection routing.

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Bin Waste Management is perfect when used in conjunction with an artificial intelligent routing system, as its all based on set criteria and what if scenarios. It’s not just a case of when the compactor is 70% full they should be added to a route and then optimized for collection – its more based on what has previously happened, customer inputs, seasonal influences, industry standards / norms and then an automated action.



The sensor transmits status via 3G sim card over the WCDMA network to the REST server


The sensor transmits status via NB-IoT sim card over the NB-IoT network to the REST server


The sensor transmits status via a local LoRa gateway to the REST server

The bin fill monitoring hardware sensor that goes into the bin is called Fill X1 and we have 2 different Fill X1 sensors, the first is the 3G version for the compactors stationed in far flung locations (building sites or hospitals for example) and the second is the LORA / NB-IoT version for large business (shopping malls, service stations, restaurants, etc). With the LORA / NB-IoT version you only need 1 SIM card or Wifi connection to communicate the fill level to the back office, while with the 3G version you will need 1 SIM card for every device. The benefit of the 3G version is that the singular GPS is also sent to the back office as the compactor could change location.

Bin Fill Sensor

By default the Fill X1 is connected to our Waste Management Back Office CRM System, which would also include the UHF / LF RFID tags in the bins for monitoring empting. If required the Fill X1 could also be delivered as stand alone and integrate into your platform via our API.


Bin Fill Sensor two

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