WIS Auto-Sign Up

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WIS Auto Sign-Up OS

WIS Auto Sign-Up OS delivers your company an online, fully automated, all-in-one customer signup solution Secure sign-up, billing, routing & collection scheduling that you can rely on!

Can WIS confirm that a customer's location is serviced by my company?


WIS will automatically locate the customers address and confirm that it is in a serviced zone
WIS Sign-Up OS includes an auto route check solution. The system first confirms that the customer address is serviced. It will then present the customer with service plan options.

Auto Route Check

I have different service pricing on different service routes


WIS allows you multiple zone pricing options.
The customer is only shown the correct price plan that matches their address

WIS enables businesses to manage pricing structures across multiple zones or regions. It automatically determines a customer's location and shows them the correct pricing plan for their area, ensuring compliance with local regulations and tax laws.

With WIS, businesses can save time, reduce errors, and improve customer satisfaction.

My customers use lots of different payment methods


WIS supports multiple payments methods from credit cards and other gateways such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal and many more

I find that lots of visitors to my site don’t complete the sale


WIS uses proven online retail solutions such as 'abandoned cart features' to help increase your online sales

Does the sign up system integrate with collection scheduling?


Once a customer signs up, the billing is automated and the route and service schedule is created. Our system will also update your driver navigation system and send a collection calendar to your new customer.

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WIS auto sign-up os delivers your company an online, fully automated, all-in-one customer sign-up solution Secure sign up & onboarding billing management routing & scheduiling crm

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