Any Driver Any Route

WasteNav by WIS, the system that allows any driver to drive any route.

Turn by turn directions with navigation solutions that are built specifically for waste collection operators!

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Just turn the ignition key and the service route automatically loads for the driver to follow.

Why will drivers prefer WIS to other navigation solutions?

WIS delivers navigation that is 100% built for waste truck drivers. Our turn by turn, color coded road map view is customized to suit the specific requirements of your drivers.

Does WIS show drivers when it is best to reverse into a collection?

WIS is not built for any other vehicles, just waste trucks. For example our system will identify when a driver should reverse to a collection because of tight turning angles.

How does WIS alert drivers to new customer collections?

As soon as a new customer signs up to a service, they are automatically added to the right route and this service stop is pushed to the driver’s nav. All new collections are also uniquely color coded

How easy is it for a driver to start the system and login?

When a driver turns the truck ignition, the on board computer will automatically turn on and the day’s route can be set to automatically load.

Fully loaded with custom features

All of our solutions at WIS are built specifically for the waste management industry. And as such, our features are customized and
tailored to meet the daily operational needs to drivers.

Navigator Hardware Specs

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