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What is our mission?

At WIS, we are bringing unrivalled levels of automation to the waste management industry.

Our values: people & technologies

We don't settle for 2nd best...Ever! We bring together the most talented people, create the most dymanic teams and deliver peerless techologies.


WIS has its roots firmly planted in the waste collection industry. The company began life as waste collection operators, servicing the Irish market.

The technology solutions that were available for our industry were good but we were looking for better than good.

We wanted solutions that would deliver better performance for on road operations and back-office administration and be tailored to solve the problems that are unique to our industry.

From 2014, we became a technology company that you now know as WIS.

Our Journey

WIS Founded

WIS is launched. First solutions include Domestic CRM/Billing products.

Group 254 1
Group 254 1

Expansion and New Products

WIS have 5 staff with systems servicing 50k households, 2k commercial businesses and 40 trucks. New products are added including RFID scanning and Bin/Cart Management.

Growth and Product Development

Our staff count grows to 10 with our systems servicing 100k households, 4k commercial businesses and 60 trucks. We further develop our products to include Navigation, Commercial CRM/Billing and Commercial Collection APP.

Group 254 1
Group 254 1

Staff Expansion and Product Enhancements

WIS now have 14 Staff and are servicing 150k households, 7k commercial businesses and 90 trucks. More additions to our products include Weighing & DX 1 Website Portal and Ordering, Skip CRM/Billing/Scheduling and Skip Driver app.

Call Management and Driver X2 Launch

With 18 Staff, WIS are servicing 200k households, 10k commercial businesses and 150 trucks. We also launch our new call management/automation system launched and the new DX2.

Group 254 1
Group 254 1

Continued Growth and Driver X3 Addition

Growth continues at WIS with 22 Staff servicing 450k households, 20k commercial businesses and 450 trucks. We also add call management/automation system launched and the new DX3 to our product list.

Team Expansion and Driver X4 Launch

Our team expands to 30 Staff with our solutions used in over 950k households, 40k commercial business and 950 trucks. We also launch our new DX4 and mobile RFID scanner.

Group 254 1
Group 254 1

UK Government Supplier

WIS are now a UK Government Supplier. WIS are on the G Cloud and are an approved supplier to HM Government and Councils in the UK

Further Expansion and New Product Offerings

With 40 Staff we are now servicing 1.4million households, 70k commercial businesses and 1400 trucks. We also add our new products for Weighbridge/Scales and Customer APP.

Group 254 1






But Dont just take our word....

Have a look at our products in operation, see what our clients have to say about us or view our mini case studies.

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