Case Study: Get Rid of It America used Truck Navigation to record and save their routes for when a driver is sick or on holidays anyone can easily replace them

Company: Get Rid of It

Country: USA

Fleet Size: 19

Problem: Side Loader Routes, route knowledge is only known by one driver

Get Rid of it America came to us with the common problem of side loader one man trucks. The only person who knows the route is the driver. If the driver is sick or on holidays you need to have someone that knows all the routes and even at that he will never know the route like the normal driver does.

Initially Get Rid of It decided to install 3 devices. Starting in October 2018 it took us 3 weeks to capture all of their routes and based on their sucess over the November and December holiday period, the system was rolled out to the remaining 16 trucks in their residential collection fleet.

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